Chapter 6 Excerpt…

A remarkable step towards healing after Jackie’s death; Mickey Mouse and the New Bedford High School Marching Band!

I hope this excerpt encourages you to embrace those around you, who knew and loved your lost loved one, for they are the ones to help pave the road to healing.


My Sweet Jackie 9/18/1973 – 2/18/1990

Just prior to the death of my sixteen-year-old daughter Jacqueline to leukemia in 1990, my brother, Tom Mello, had been busy raising money to help finance a trip I would have needed to make to accompany Jackie while she underwent a life-saving bone marrow transplant at the University of Kentucky. Unfortunately, Jackie became too ill to travel and the procedure was cancelled. Knowing she would never be able to use the money personally, she made a wish list of items the children on “7 North” of the Floating Hospital for Children so desperately needed and asked that we see to it that this wish was fulfilled. Sadly, Jackie passed two days later.

It was then we established The Friends of Jackie Memorial Fund, which distributes scholarships, charitable contributions, and gifts for local families in need of assistance, as well as New England Medical Center’s Floating Hospital for Children in Boston, MA.

If you knew Jackie, would you kindly share a memory of her with us?



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Here’s a recent picture of my girls that I wanted to share!

L – R: Kristine, Bethany, Joanne & Susan

Me and My Girls