Book Three – II – New review of The Same Smile…

Book Three – II.


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13 Helpful Tips on Writing your Adoption Memoir

For too long the world of adoption has been shrouded in guilty silence, secrets and lies. It is time to tell YOUR story. I want to share with you how to heal yourself, and inspire others, by writing your adoption memoir. These tips are intended to aid members of the adoption triad in their search and discovery of speaking their truth through the written word.

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Chapter 11 Excerpt….

“Telling her I was already six months pregnant with her when my class picture was taken, suddenly everything seems surreal. The sepia-toned picture is worn around the edges from all the times I’ve pulled it out and stared at it, all the shame and embarrassment flooding back each time. We were to wear only white collared blouses for the picture, and I was much too pregnant to tuck my blouse in any longer. To make matters worse, my skirt couldn’t be zipped up all the way. So much to hide for someone so young.

Looking at my class picture with Joanne, I am seeing it through different eyes. Now, all I see is the face of a scared, seventeen-year-old girl who bravely drove downtown, despite her swollen pregnant body, to have her class picture taken. I’m feeling her broken heart, shattered into a million pieces because of what she was going through and what was still to come. More than anything, though, I’m remembering the tremendous love she had for the baby that was growing inside of her, a baby she unfortunately would never be able to claim as her own – until today. If I live to be a hundred, I will never be able to completely express how lucky I feel to have found her and to have her back in my arms again.”