Book Three – II – New review of The Same Smile…

Book Three – II.


3 thoughts on “Book Three – II – New review of The Same Smile…

  1. Posted on January 14, 2013 Review by Jessica Gorman
    The Same Smile- by Susan Mello Souza

    Holy box of tissues batman! Two things absolutely necessary for this book: tissues and as much uninterrupted time as you can possibly get. Thanks to the rare 30 degree temps outside here in AZ, I curled up with this book and a box of tissues and indulged big time. I finished it in practically one sitting. What a heartbreaking and then heart filling story. It is amazing and mysterious how the world works and why life throws us the curve balls it does. This is a story of deep valleys and high peaks of a mother’s journey. A big thank you to Susan and Joanne for sharing the story of their journeys. I especially liked being able to hear both of your perspectives on the same situation and am amazed at how much hurt and healing the heart can endure.

    If I could possibly summarize it: it was a wonderful read and a great insight to a real family’s story and how people grow, grieve and love in real life and real time.

  2. I was adopt in 1966 my mums name was Christina woolvan and my dad was Robert gladwell I was born in sept the 20th 1964 my name is caroline ansell now

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