Website Links to help with your Adoption Search & Reunion

Please post your favorite links for search┬áregistries and search and reunion support along with ours to help others in their search…


9 thoughts on “Website Links to help with your Adoption Search & Reunion

  1. Priscilla Stone Sharp is a mother who surrendered her daughter to adoption in 1964 in Arizona and reunited in 1986. She devotes much of her time to her work as a Search Angel and has reunited hundreds of individuals who have been separated from relatives by adoption, free of charge. Priscilla is also a professional genealogist, author and biographer.
    She is an active Adoptee Rights Activist, advocating for the right of Adult Adoptees to access their own Original Birth Certificate as their fundamental right to identity and civil right to equal treatment under the law.

  2. Concerned United Birthparents (CUB) is the only national organization focused on birthparents and we also welcome adoptees, adoptive parents, and professionals. We find that we all have much to learn from each other and that sharing our feelings and experiences benefits all of us.

    CUB offers support groups, a yearly retreat, booklets, and other publications which address the perspectives of birthparents, adoptees and adoptive parents in an attempt to increase understanding of issues family members may face. Through this understanding, all can be better prepared to develop a long-term relationship with each other during and after reunion.

  3. Female adoptee lookin for my real parents. Born 12-3-60. I lived in the sarah fisher home for 2 months,then adopted. Adopted from probate court in wayne county Detroit mich usa. My real parents were very young possibly in their early teens. I have dark hair and eyes very tall. I’m irish n italian I was told. Plz help me if you can. No judgment just love

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