Suggested Adoption Books…

A place where you can find helpful adoption books to help you along in your adoption journey. May I first suggest The Same Smile 🙂

Please feel free to post your favorites, along with your thoughts and comments.


6 thoughts on “Suggested Adoption Books…

  1. Reviewed by Susan Mello Souza

    Late Discoveries – An Adoptee’s Quest for Truth
    By Susan Bennett

    As a mother who was made to surrender her firstborn child to adoption, I was pulled into Susan’s story on the very first page where she writes, “I came into this world with these words being echoed in the space around me, ‘Sorry, sorry – I am so sorry,’” for I chanted those very words some 42 years ago to my precious newborn daughter as they took her away from me.

    The mere thought of discovering one has been adopted at the age of 44 greatly saddens me and screams of betrayal. But reading this story is to understand the amazing woman that is Susan Bennett. Instead of harboring resentment and frustration, she brings you on her journey with grace and dignity – a journey of disappointment, shocking revelations, heartbreaking realities, and sentimental finds, but mostly, unconditional love and acceptance.

    This reviewer believes that this “adoptee’s quest for truth” should be on every member of the adoption triad’s must read list.

  2. Looking for my Birth mother. I was born on 1/12/1972 in Florida. My birth mother was either 15 or 16 years old. I was told her name is Margarette Dalton but NOTHING has come up for 13 years now that I have been searching so i am unsure if I was told the right info. I am a male 45year old now and would love to meet up with my birth mother and learn about my family. I miss her and would love her to meet her grand kids. I was able to get my baby card that reads Baby Dalton. Maybe you can email me if you have any connections! THANK YOU TO ANYONE WHO CAN HELP!

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